Dual Monitors in Linux with NVIDIA (kubuntu, ubuntu)


Making dual monitors to worik with Linux was what I dealt with today. I was even bribed with a golden star by my professor; if i found a solution to it! And guess what; I go it !!

So the solution to it is! …
Make sure you are root mode.

First make sure that the driver is propely installed. Run the command in terminal

$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx

Now comming to the configuration; type in the terminal

$ kdesu nvidia-settings

or if kdesu is not supported replace it by “gksudo

$ gksudo nvidia-settings

This will make the Nvidia X Server Configuration Module load. From there goto

X Server Display Configuration

There select option TwinView in the Configuration Tag.

Click Apply. And you are done!

Don’t forget to click “Save to X Configuration File“.

Hope it will work for you as well!

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