The lives you live; in the game of life – Sunday Scribblings.


Being experimental with life, it always happens that you get to play games or you ought to play games at some crisscrossing highway sections of your life. I happen to play games as well, and am still playing them now. It not that I always realize that this is the game I am playing. The realization comes a little after there comes this GAME OVER sign in front of you and you just realized that it really was a game.

Today I would be telling you about some of the games I played and keep playing in this life of mine. The most comprehensive game I still keep on playing is with my supreme Divine. The more I keep telling myself that this isn’t a game, the more it turns out to be a competitive challenge. I move on doing the tasks laid down for me. Sometimes I blink and pass on a few unattended chores, hide from them until you get to that point, you have pretty less life support left to play with and you run again to the chores and tasks laid down for you by the Divine. It also happens with me, a secret of my life I haven’t relieved till now, I put myself to a task, and challenge myself that if am not able to do it, It would be the end for me. And yet I stand up to the challenge. Very less I don’t succeed in it; not that am a pretty hard challenger or that I have that courage and support to stand by it, but it’s the nature of the task that helps me get through it. Still am often out of my breath and sweating as if mid of some Arabian desert.

Another game I found myself playing since past decade or so would be turning a blind eye on entities striking against my moral belief or my self-integrity. The question arises and why I do that. The only answer that keeps echoing in mind is I SIMPLY DON’T WANT TO! Call it fear or call it insecurity. Its ME.

In life there had been numerous times I found myself on cross roads. And I did take decisions. Sometimes by myself; Many times guided by other people. Sometimes I repented them but most of the time I felt completely at home by those very decisions. And that should be the important part of it.

Then there are the multiplayer games which ought to be the favorite category of most of the people for sure. Sometimes the results might not what we always expect. But the thing is how we value those expectations keeping in mind the results we achieve. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; maybe both frequencies are not the same. But still we should be thankful at least we are part of the game. Look around; how many people are still left with playing the solo games. These games can be competitive and sometimes can be strategic as well and that’s when partnership plays an important role.

Be it which so ever kind of game, it doesn’t matter that you win or lose it. But the important thing would be that when that sign of GAME OVER comes in front of you, you must be sure no one gets hurt and you for sure have left a smile on every participant face.

Credited to Sunday Scribblings.

The pictures are from Pic1 and Pic2.

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