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IIS 7.5 File Size Limitation

June 13, 2012

Recently while working on IIS 7.5, I found that it was not letting me upload files with larger sizes. It did made quite an issue for a day but later discovered that unlike the previous versions; upload file sizes can be restricted in IIS 7.5.

You can reconfigure the size limit editing the Request Filtering settings that can be found at:

  • Clicking on the website you want enable to accept files with large sizes.
  • In the main window double click “‘Request filtering”
  • Upon opening the window you will see different tabs (File Name Extensions/ Rules/ Hidden Segments etc)
  • Right click in the main window and select “Edit Feature Settings” and modify the “Maximum allowed content length (bytes)” according to your requirement.

The default limit is 30 MB and the maximum upload limit I Googled around is till 2 GB.

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