Experience in Communication Networks; Operations and Management. Working in a defence organization. Having background education in Communication Networks and Security.

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  1. Calvin Chow Says:

    Hi Ashfaq,

    Just read your blog post about vCenter Converter and I think I hitted a similar issue as yours… and now I’m being so stuck in a project and need desperate help. So I think I should try my luck and see if you have any ideas about my issue? (asked on vmware communities but no luck too)

    The Scenario

    There are VMs on 2 x ESX 3.5 servers and 2 x Hyper-V servers to be migrated to 5 x new ESXi 5.5 servers. But now the new servers are installed with ESXi 5.0 as I found that VMs from ESX3.5 probably cannot migrate to ESXi5.5 directly. I installed vCenter Server 5.5 on a physical Windows 2012 server, and on the same machine I installed vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0 for the VM migration. All ESX, ESXi and Hyper-V hosts are on the same network, with old hosts having storage on a Dell MD3000 and new ESXi hosts having storage on NetApp. And plan to do in-place upgrade of ESXi 5.0 to ESXi 5.5 by Update Manager after all VM migrations successful.

    Source – Hyper-V (Win 08 Server R2), ESX 3.5 Update 2
    Destination – ESXi 5.0 cluster
    vCenter Server – 5.5
    vCenter Converter Standalone version 5.0.0 Build 470252
    Guest OSs : Windows 2003, Windows 2008


    – move VMs from the source hosts to the destination cluster
    – VMs preferred to be migrated online (but offline still OK if it’s the only option)
    – shutdown source
    – bring up VMs on new hosts

    The Issue

    Using vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0, I can connect to the Hyper-V servers and the ESX 3.5 hosts and see the VM inventory. However when try to choose the VM to convert, an error occured :

    Error : Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine

    And the conversion cannot proceed further. I exported the diagnostics logs too. There is an error of “Cannot query source HW info: vmodl.fault.SystemError” in the log.

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to your kind reply~

    Best Regards,

    • ashfaq shinwary Says:

      Well thats a pretty complex scenario you got there. But as you mentioned; you are having problems in the very first step; i.e. getting the H/W information; Have you looked into any firewalls in your network that may be blocking the queries from your converter to these machines?

      Secondly I myself faced problems with different versions of the Converter. At last I found Converter Version 5.0.1 working in my favor. So you need to test the versions too.

      Lastly have you tried to install the agent manually on the source machine. I have many times did that too and got my problems solved.

      Try to disable the anti-virus, scheduled backups; 3rd party maintenance solutions etc on your source machines; those things create problems as well.

      V2V migrations can also be done through many other ways; migration, cloning or even replication. Try the Veeam Backup and Replication tool as well. A nice 3rd party solution (easily available on torrents).

      All the best then; do mention if you find a workaround then 🙂 !!

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